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Pregnancy Treatment Packages

Since i was waiting for over 5 years to get big bumpy pregnancy (i got 2 misscarriages, 1 ectopic preggy and failed in 3 insemination progs before).. so that i got enough time to prepare my preggy time.

Please remember, i am a happy merry go mommy!

There are some treatments i have on my preggy time :

1. Pregnancy Massage Program of Dian Mustika. Started at my 5 mos preggy. This preggy massage avoids the foot palm area also tummy, hips and button area.

2. Olive and Pure Coconut Oil as moisturizer oil. Started at my 4 mos preggy. For me it is an essential moisturizer. I used Mustika Ratu Olive Oil and a homemade Coconut Oil.

3. Mothercare Stretch Mark Cream. Started at my 4 mos preggy. I dont really like the smell of the cream, so didnt use it daily.

4. Pregnancy Package of Clarins, started at my 7 mos of my 5th preggy time (my current preggy). The smell of the traditional ingredients of the clarins oil thing is so relaxing for me.. and works on avoid stretchmark things.

5. Post Natal Treatment by Dian Mustika. An indonesian traditional post natal treatments included body massage, body scrub, breast massage, baby massage, body & miss V vaporizing, a traditional tapel and pilis.

Life is a choice anyway, having those treatments doesnt make ur preggy-time better, or in the other hand, treatment-less doesnt make ur preggy-time worse.

The point is, u healthy and enjoy ur preggy time.. cause happiness comes only from the heart!

Karena toh kalau pas kecapean, eyk tidur tidur aja tanpa oles apa apa.. Dan anyway eyk biarin aja tuh scar pasca operasi sesar nongol. Kenang kenangan.. dan eyk happy happy aja di perut ada semacem cacing panjang nempel gitu.

note : written with si anak pambayun tidur kangooroo on me caused by a cold. Ibu love you mas. Tidur yg nyenyak yaa

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