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Farm Field VS Green Field

Q : jadi Dok, kl hamil minum susu itu penting?
A : iya, tetep minum susu saja ya saran saya
Q : Mm.. kurang suka susu sih
A : Boleh susu yg lain kok, biasanya susu hamil kan eneg rasanya
Q : oh susu Farm Field boleh?
A : …
Q : itu susu yg d supermarket itu
A : Oh, Green Field, boleh kok..

Few weeks later, a giant bulb is popping out of my head, somehow, in a sudden. Oh.. Farm Field itu nama game yang bisa pilih pake kostum ayam!

Staring at the picture of some yesterday FB Timeline (still doing FB anw..). A mother who lost her two sons on a church bombing in Surabaya. The bodied laid before her in their last ceremony.

I see a surrender hero.
I see a big hole.
I see pain.

And i have tears from the heart.

Transmart is coming into the town

Ah .. this post title is not the major point, let’s be straight to the effect of transition between ‘farrewell carrefour and homecoming transmart’ in our urban zone.

Customers of Carrefour spreads to all groceries stores in Bintaro. It makes Hari Hari store’s parking lot full and the queue of car’s being so snake-y.

It makes Lotte Mall Bintaro crowd. Also Giant groceries store and even Farmer’s Market . oh, and Hero too.

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