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Imaginary friends

i have some imaginary friends who accompany me since i was a kid, well i barely hard remember since what age was it.

They are :
1. the famous Mas Dani, son of pak Dadang, he is 30something man who married mbak Shinta,
2. Mas Doni, sone of pak Dadang too, younger brother of Mas Dani who married to Mbak Shanti,
3. Cici, the rabbit
4. Cici Data, a rabbit robot
5.Pak Dadang, an old smiley farmer

here is the one who came when i was in hi school. Luce. Tall slim man with black suit and long hair. He is the pne who almost real. my friend saw him some couple times in my class! *wakwaaaawwww*

misteri Illahi!

Beautiful Goodbye

Yess i know, Life is about hellos and goodbyes. Since we are just common people with common life, then mistakes are real things we do.

Looking back to everypath’s been trough, then sweetness is the only left.
I do hate a goodbye, but here we’re about to say.

Yess, every single memory will always gonna be a memory. Glad and happy to ever been here.

If i could ask one more thing, theres nothing to be changed. But again, who are we, we just have to keep on dancing.

Make every step’s worthy, make every step’s beauty. Then someday we’ll say.. Glad to be part of all these 🙂

lets make a beautiful goodbye

*sedang galau karena sesuatu..

One perfect day

it was a lovely monday! i woke up early to prepare some food for my husband then i continued my crochet project for one of my collegue.

Took 6:20am train to get to the office.

Got free breakfast. Got free lunch. Got a spa time in Dian Kenanga, one of my fave spa and got a nice walk to home.

Then closed by durian from Pekanbaru!

Now, blogging and watching tv while continuing my crochet project.


My first cake decorating!

Weeks ago, somehow, i just grabbed a ticket to get a cake decoration course for today!

it was interesting and challenging how to create our imagination into the cake. Playing with the fondant, spin roller, scrapper and many other cake tools.

first to do is playing with melt chocolate :


and after many hours .. Alhamdulillah keliatan bentuknyaaa!


Nice and interesting experience you should try!


here my mentor of today, mbak rahmaaaaa!


Life isnt always about the job

seeing own time line
seeing own posts
seeing own pictures

remember, life isnt always about the job. live the life more and enjoy the ride.
we’re all just ordinary people with ordinary life.
we’re powerless as the powerless outside..
we’re poor as the poor outside..

so dont ever say ‘feed the poor’. better to call it eat together, even u are the one who treat them. more nice isnt it?
and dont ever said, ‘recite with the poor’.. are u the rich one? dare you?

Whats rooting on my playlist?

you and me – lifehouse
Sugar – Maroon 5
Beautiful goodbye – Maroon 5
Valerie – Amy Winehouse
Jolene – Dolly parton
Cupid – Daniel Powter
5 little monkeys – NN
Love that bass! – Meghan Trainor
Could it be love – Raisa
Everybody knew – Citra Scolastika
I Think Im In Love – Mocca


Tahu Tek Tahu Campur Cak Kahar Surabayess!

Ini Warung kuecillll, cuma ngemper di teras salon dan cuma buka sore sampai malem aja. Letaknya persis di seberang Hotel Marriot Surabaya.
Pertama tau warung ini dari gank closed out sumatera, sayangnya ga sempet nyicip tuh waktu itu dikarenapun ay musti segera pulang Prabu ada job lokasi.

Makapun pas ke Surabayess kemarin ay pengen banget kesituuu.


persis kan di depan Marriot? bangetts.


Dan inih menunyaah :


Silakan mampir dan larisin Cak Kahar yang ga mau buka cabangpun yaa.

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