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curiousity killed the cat!

yak sudara sudaraaaa! i claim hereee, dont ever u touch ur troubled-electricity right before ur bedtime. it’s gonna keep u awake till u lost ur nite! Dan even ampe jam segini, ini hape masih bunyi tulalit mulu tiap bbrp detik skali pas d charge.. :”( still cant fix it!

one thing i must assure! it just killed the cat, not me.. good nite wordy!

couples hours left!

aaarrghh.. still not sleepy yet!

have to packed up tomorrow early.. sleepy sleepy eyes.. go sleepy.. 


This Long Things!

This word just splashed out of my mind along the road to Beringin Aur. just want to write it down..

Keep thinking.. why should all the people craving to live together with their couple (means, on a worst circumtances of craving untill somepeople do something unreasonable cracking other’s minds) if their reason is just cause of the fear of a faithless..?? fear of cheat or other temptations..

many articles wrote to dropt down all the people of Long Distance Relationship.. and they keep doing, then someothers keep forwardin.. majority talk about this faithless thingy.

Ideality or perfectness on relationship is something undefineable. One’s ideal condition might be not the other’s. Too many depends on these and that.. Warn you, that outthere, some people doesnt enjoy something static or plain such ideal relationship. they called it as challenge.

Then life, not created without anyreason! there’s always. And that’s the best God give us. Positif thinking is a must.. and trust must be earned!

When someone said the badside of LDR, did they look at the short one? many people of this short does the same. manypals here and there shared about their domestic problem and trying to find the door out of their problems. these someone-else’s-love problems may do to the shortdistance relationship too guys! even u’re in the same house to live in.. is there anyguarantee of it?

i didnt mean to be arrogant nor pathetic-sounds-wanna-be nor making a justification. But, there’s no guarantee.. Maybe, sitting here as us then u’ll start to think the same..

Do we feels bad with this Long things?? Yess of course. Do we want to be together? absolutely.. But, why dont We simply all these. and decided to be happy on this way while we’re trying to be together.. If there’s nothing we could do to solve this long-short relationship without looks fooly, and there’s somereasons to keep this long-short relationship.. So i think we just have to work-with-enjoy on it! 🙂 Just do the best and let God take all the rest.. Be grateful! Life is a real battle, both of long and short.

Keep your sincerity and earned the trust your couple gave.. this sincerity things is the most important (on my view.., ridlo suami, ridlo Alloh SWT. ridlo istri, ridlo Alloh SWT). Then one day, will be.. amiiin..


Bunch of thanx to manypals here and there for the share. All the best!

A CopyCat!

kenapa sih ya namanya jadi Copy Cat? emang kucing suka copy copy gituh?  mmm.. googling cari tau aja po ya? .. rrr… malas ah. kadang ga tau itu lebih baik kan yaa? jadi.. gapapa ah ga tau knapa dinamain copycat buat org2 yg ngikut2. ga harus tau semua-mua-mua kan??



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