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Why WordPress-ing again?

By the last curhat2 colongan in each meet Mrs. Yoyo a.k.a Mrs Qie2, i remind my self to keep blogging here. Strange ya ngeliat blog sendiri melompong. Then i re-install my tab with WP and wrote in it. After all feels like forever ini.. Hehehee..

Old time sake..

I met om Al and Kang Izur this morning. Lil chat and discussion about Ketaling Barat, Ogan, TTB or even talang jimar with them dragged me into the past we shared together when we worked in a team. What a nice memorizing time.. I missed this part of my past. A time in my past, when an engineer is an engineer. Oops!
Well, let the past be the past and take the lesson to live our present. 
Long road ahead. And there will be manything we missed for, even the hardest one.
Take a deep breath and lets moving on.. Let the story on.. 🙂

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