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Soto Kudus Ramidjan

Pusat soto kudus dapat di temui di sebuah ruko di pojokan alun alun kudus. Beberapa meter dari Masjid Agung Kudus.


Selain soto, disini juga sedia pindang. Pindang versi Kudus ini masih termasuk masakan berasa manis dengan pilihan topping ayam dan kerbau. Sebagai catatan, di Kudus jarang ditemui daging Sapi, mereka mengganti menu daging sapi dengan daging kerbau.


Soto Banjar Balikpapan, Borneeooo

Lucky me, as a new comer in Balikpapan, i have a friend visited and took me around Balikpapan.
Then, Here is my story of a famous food in Balikpapan, Eastern distric of Kalimantan.
This deli food called as Soto Banjar, An Indonesian traditional soup (Indonesia has many variant of this soup, ex. Soto Kudus, Soto Betawi etc.)
We went to Soto Banjar Gunung Sari, one of many street restaurant which sales Soto Banjar, to try this famous yummy food.


here the picture of Soto Banjar, a traditional soup contains of noodles, compressed rice, potatoes, chicken, some delicious bold ingredients and fried local garlic on it. They have a sambal, one of indonesian traditional chili sauce, as a additional ingredient especially for those who love a hot sensation. Dare to try?


and we ordered chicken satay with traditional peanut sauce.


So if u have a chance to visit Balikpapan, please stop by and try this Soto Banjar. And as per suggestion of my lovely friend Yevi Ika, pick this little “warung”. You’ll gonna fall for it!

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