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Pleasure of Culture

Call me as an ‘Old Fashioned Lady’ due to the pilis i applied on my forehead.

After my second baby delivery, my only lovely husby treat me a 10 days traditional post partum treatment package by Dian Mustika.

It is a comfort package of massage with handmade olive + coconut oil, skin exfoliate with a traditional scrub called as Lulur, a girdle/ corset treatment included with a traditional tummy mask, a face full blooded, forehead mask called as Pilis and feet mask called as Param.

Since i have to take my first kid to his school, doing some groceries and home activities, the terapist left the forehead and feet masks at my home so i can use it anytime possible.

So on the time like now, 9pm, don’t u get shocked if u see me on a forehead white mask and feet white mask.. Lucky me, it is a nite sleep time here. And i have my peacefull old fashioned one..

I enjoy the pleasure of indonesian culture!

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