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Left over..

We woke up by the breeze. It was getting cold here. I felt my nose numb and my fingers followed. I was crawling to get closer to the fire.. get some warm for my nose and fingers.

Good Morning Lawu.., how i miss all these. I looked at the horizon, nothing. It was only darkness around. I looked at my watch, it was almost 3 o’clock early morning. Talked to some other guys about the summit and decided to packed our things to get the summit before the dawn’s breaking.

Walking round 2 hours and here we are. Standing at the top of Lawu. Sanctuary above the clouds. Starlights on the dark blue sky. We see nothing away there, but the horizon is about to break. A slight light breaks the earth, here comes the sun.. Everyone stared at it, wont lose the moment.

God, thank you for everything.

.. I know that sometimes i lose someone in my life. Sometimes i got too much than i think i deserved. Sometimes i got no clue about the things happened to me. and Sometimes i just got a blank space in my brain to figure out what life is for.

…As here i am, i know that everything happens for a reason. and the rest which i cant figure it out, is just meant to be left over.. Then trust You to handle everything is the only option i have 🙂

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