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Kopi Sae, a boutique coffee

Good Morning Good Mind..

After got 3km walked in cloudy sunday morning, we were step by a small coffee boutique named Kopi Sae. This little store stands inside Pasar Modern Bintaro Jaya.

then they’ll introduce you some kind of indonesian coffees, just like picture belows : 

They only sells black coffee, and the only additives they have is milk, beside sugar of course.

This morning we choosed Milky Sidikalang Coffee for my husband and Black Mandailing Coffee free sugar for me. Both of Sidikalang and Mandailing are names of villages in North Sumatera where these kind of coffee’s been planted.  

Happy coffee sipping and Good morning Indonesia! 

Coffee and its memories!

Afternoon every youuu! hopefully ure okay and in a happy mood, cause i do! 🙂

I just read a book, a gift from lovely Ms Qie2, tittled The Coffee Memory. And somehow i feel my fingers need to dance on the keyboard and write down a post about coffee.



I am a coffee lover. Not a maniac, but i do love coffee. Especially, indonesian local coffee!

It was started on year of 2001 when i got my job training in Jambi, a capital town of a province with the same name, Jambi, central of sumatera.
It is AAA Coffee a legendary coffee from Jambi which always reminds me about a nice warm afternoon shared by people from a pump workshop. After a sweaty hard activities such pully repairing, rod changing, pump testing etc. We spent almost every afternoon by sipping coffee while watching the sun sets.

And thats just one of thousand memories i have. Thats how, reading this book made my imaginary dance wildly in my mind!

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