just to tell u the untold ones..

Taman Surga

Kajian kajian Al Qur’an adalah taman taman surga.

Kayaknya musti sering datang ke taman taman surga ini deh.. cetek banget ilmu. gawwaatttt.. 


Jodoh #kesekian

ceritanya sih udah 3-4 tahun ini pesen kueh lebaran ke seorang temen lama. na rumahnya tu d cibubur sana. kalau inget kelakuan JORR selatan yang suka merah tua warnanya d google map, eyke suka ragu mau pesen..

Ternyata eh ternyata.. si Neng temen lama kesayangan ini pindah kerja dong d bintaro. Yess! langsung pesen deh…

ini yg namanya #jodooohhhh..


needed when u got an over_added_baking_soda_cake. the green one helped me well.

One Song

All you need is just one song which snap into your heart in a righteous way.  

Swing it to somewhere you desperately reached. or in the other hand, swing it to somewhere you optimistically be..

just one song and your mood could be flipped, your day follows.

Pick your song wisely.

On a moment when a cold rainy day and cinnamon roll met a cup of hot tea.., yesterday came and struck. 

is missing my gramma and her wisely words.. may God take her in the best place.

#875, stepping on.

i never knew i could be this far. stepping on #875 point, and smile proudly on my own self..

some people says happy is happy with no reason. some other says happy is when they got a good result. for me, happy is when a hardwork meets a good result. 

stepping on #875, is just one small example.


Pusing bisa disebabkan karena terlalu banyak brows web barang2 bagus. macem bergdorfgoodman atau preorderbymimo. 

fyuhhh.. bisa besar pasak drpd tiang nih.. pusing lah.

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