just to tell u the untold ones..

since my first kid was born premie 33weeks and he is an exclusive pump boy, so i had to work extra hard to fed him.

Im so grateful once i can fed him breastmilk until 22mos old. even sometimes i have had fed him formula milk due to the spare i have.

These are some ways to improve the breastmilk as per my experience :

1. prepare pump tools before your delivery time. do research before, put the optimum one and match the budget. medela manual pump and mooi silicone pump is the best for me. fyi, i have medela swing harmony and spectra double pump i9 as the comparators.

2. ask doctors if there’s some medicine or vitamin to stimulate your breastmilk like moloco, domperidone etc.

3. pump regularly, once in 3 hours maximum. this is the very pointing point! the law of demand and supply applied.

4. do power pump in a same time everyday.

5. make it as your me time. preparing some novel, movie or song to accompany your pump time.

6. put vegetables, carbs and protein in your daily menu.

7. and the last, prepare your self to fight your own ego. all these pump thing’s gonna be tiring and exhausting, smile mommies!

Note : this post has written to celebrate ‘100 bottles of breastmilk spare in a month’. it is a big step for me since it was only 77 bottles in 2 months at my first round.

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