just to tell u the untold ones..

As my timeline full of this product users and as I’m so lazy enough to get Melilea store (my previous skin care), so last year I grabbed my pocket deeper to buy this Pitera Welcome Kit thing by JD.id (thanks OL Shop, you are a hero for a lazy merry mommy like me).

This package contained a small bottle of cleanser, a bottle of FTE (a treatment essence and a small red jar of Pitera Cream.

It was a beautiful red package I love.

And it works on my skin!

As my skin have no big problem on an acne or oily thingy, but it was felt more healthy and clean. I used this prods for about 4-6 mos until I was starting my second pregnancy program. I put away some skin care except Wardah Cleanser Foam (and Clarins Pregnancy Package) until my 7th mos pregnancy. I was starting to wear SK II again and found that my skin felt more dry then I ever remembered. I thought it was a re adaptation process so i waited for a monthe before i put the cleanser off and changed to Clarins Water Miracle which felt more oily and alcohol less.

But nothing has changed.

Then so I stopped using my Pitera package and starting my masks and serums journey.

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