just to tell u the untold ones..


Danny stood close to me. So close, so i can heard his breath. From the high of 32th floor, Jakarta looked so much busy that night. Jammed in almost every road. Frankly, i love the red line of it. 

“you know, im mad about you”

I hold my coffee tight, hope it could warm my body. Starred the red line and took my deeppest breath.

Danny touch on the reflection of my wedding ring which reflected on the glass. his hand covered the red line i starred. Distraction! 

His eyes starred at the reflection of my eyes. We’re frozen in a sudden. This is how i dont know what to do. Freeze.

just please dont say you love me, cause i might not say it back. Doesnt mean my heart stop skipping when you look at me like that.. -Gabrielle Aplin-

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