just to tell u the untold ones..


Standing in a seat of fertility clinic rows. Waiting for a consultation turns. Again. Again. And again. I cant even remember how manytime ive spent my time in this condition. Many. Too many to count. Got 2 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy. Got a long distance marriage. and some more pitties..

Pity? Yess, Somepeople might think that im pity, and nobody wants to have this condition. Think thats right. Even my self, if i could choose or fix it now, i dont want to choose this kind of fate. But who we are? 

I keep telling on my self that it was me who picked this fate, far far away before i born. And since im realize that im not so stupid, i passed my almost all psycotest and academic test, i knew that i picked and agreed this kinda fate because there are many great reasons behind. Then i conclude that, theres always something sweet in the end, thats how this fate’s been written in my hand.

Ever since, i do live my life. I think alot more, write long more, smile often more, struggle alot more, gratefull lot more, love alot more, share alot more and many alot more again..

I do many alot more and live my life alot more, i won’t missed all the sweets along my life journey. Hopefully you’re not missed yours! 

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