just to tell u the untold ones..


Somebody said, Monday is the key of the week. and some other said, Lunch is the key of the rest day. For me, tuesday lunch is the key of the rest week!

Started by regular office lunch break and we decided to have lunch in a streetfood center near the office called, Goa! It is a place behind a broken wall which has a canopi from some plastic sheets, for me, the dark canopi ambience of this palce reminds me of Japanese Cave in a Merapi hiking track by Selo, a nice peace village in Central Java, Indonesia. Thats how i call this place as Goa, means cave.

Nice interesting conversation with some office mates and i chosed local fried chicken with extra sambal (local hot sauce). 

bla bla bla and smiles spread! i got my feelings at that time, before.. the ruiner comes! .. Mr. Plastic! Whatta perfect time!! *wooshhh* (for your information : i wrote about this guy in some post behind). He threw some hellos to us, small unnecessary (imho) jokes and sit beside us!

Then some how, i lost my feelings in a sudden. Lost appetite at the same time (i blame it on mas Iskak who said that i have an unhealthy menu for my lunch. o yess it is, actually!). and i just lost my temper. cant even got a little bow from my lips. I tried to blend to the conversation and i think i failed, at least i know that my smile words and everything didnt come from my heart. Somebody who look me in my eyes will find it definitely!

After i paid all my lunch charge, i decided to move to another table and open my CoC game! just to control my temper and distract my anger.

Anger??? yess, it was very clear, i still have it inside me. i hate my self for not forgive him, or just to pretend not to hate. at least.

Thats then, i realize that an ordinary lunch in tuesday may be the key of the rest weekday. Cause here i am, still wondering why i hurt this bad and why i cant, at least, just to pretend that everythings okay.

My note for you : Beware of you lunch! šŸ˜‰

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