just to tell u the untold ones..

Workout Workin!

Nih nih nih kalo ada yg pengen tau how to living the life on half health way!

Why half?? no more questioning after some of these blah blah.. 🙂

Here is my schedule of work out :
1. Morning walk fast from Commuter Line to parkin lot of manggala krida to get the shuttle on my weekday. it is sweaty enough to welcome the days!
2. Slow walk in the afternoon after got an angkot time. it takes approx 20minutes to get home. enough for afternoon walk. sometimes in some of evening i spend my time in gym center just to have 30minutes walk.
3. Another almost every saturday i have a bicycling time with my lovely husband and we spend our 1 – 2 hrs.
4. and we spend our time in gym to had treadmill time for minimum 30minutes in every sunday. sometimes we switch our schedule of sunday and saturday.

evidence! :


And here the sched of workin! :
1. fresh juice for every morning. Starfruit, watermelon, mango, dragonfruit, melon, flaxseed, red spinach, pakcoy whatever i have in my refridge store.
2. local indonesian soup or capcay for diner combine with some protein from local chicken, beef or some seafood.
3. i love having cucumber+local orange as my snack
4. having some infused water and smoothies time
5. Also enjoy rawffood, mostly in its form of salad. Veg salad and fruit salad. Watermelon, melon, pineapple, starfruit, cucumber, red plum, apricot, pakcoy, spinach, labu, carrot, bean, local malang apples, orange whatever whatever whatever i have in my refridge.

Call me as Food combiner? No im not that into one eat style or something.. cause i also eat martabak orins, pizza, nipple cakes and spider net crepes (indonesian local street food), bakwan or mendoan (fave indonesian local food). I enjoy my lunch time with rice and satays, tongseng or pecel ayam pecel lele, and more enjoy bakmi jawa for my saturday nite meals! and like this morning.. i just got my black coffee and fried chicken time in McD! Long life Half Health Gank!

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