just to tell u the untold ones..

Imaginary friends

i have some imaginary friends who accompany me since i was a kid, well i barely hard remember since what age was it.

They are :
1. the famous Mas Dani, son of pak Dadang, he is 30something man who married mbak Shinta,
2. Mas Doni, sone of pak Dadang too, younger brother of Mas Dani who married to Mbak Shanti,
3. Cici, the rabbit
4. Cici Data, a rabbit robot
5.Pak Dadang, an old smiley farmer

here is the one who came when i was in hi school. Luce. Tall slim man with black suit and long hair. He is the pne who almost real. my friend saw him some couple times in my class! *wakwaaaawwww*

misteri Illahi!

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