just to tell u the untold ones..

Midnight Blogging

Since i got a long nap today, so I barely hard to sleep tonight. Then I decided to.. Blogging this.
Here they are. As the day goes by, problem pulled into us. Last week I got 2 shared about divorcement process from friends. I used to think that every war should not be happen once we open minded, believe each other and doing good communication. But somehow, my opinion feels like completely wrong right now. Somehow, some people’s just not meant to be together. Somehow some people just leaving in a significantly different platform. Different point of view. Different world.
Somehow, there’s just one simple way out, divorce.
And at the same time, I totally agree that Apologize is a way to show how we value our relationship more than our ego. Even in the other hand, it doesn’t always means that we can avoid divorcement or broken up or even just for cents war just like delcont (hah banget!).
Good luck on doing your divorcement process friends. Honestly, i don’t know what I feel now.. But your happiness, is the best gift for me.

::thank still goes to mbak Alise NP C-06, whoever Sicte is and The Dannyboy::

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