just to tell u the untold ones..

A Cab Thought

Traffic of Jakarta is a bunch of shit and people knows that. And lucky me I got couple today! One in the morning and one in this evening. @_@

“Evening Mrs, where do u wanna go? ” cab driver asked me.
“Bintaro ”
“Which route u want to choose? ”
… blank. Friday and these hours?? It was 6:30pm and I saw a suck traffic laid before me..
“We’ll see, just drive.. we’ll see ” I answered.

Friday nite and streets of Jakarta is a perfect combination of high stress investment. If you’re lucky, a stroke will ends you *woops!*

In this situation, we need a sharp intuition approach and advance capability to choose the best route. Even whichever you choose, you’ll find stuck. But at least, find the less one.

Some people makes their great decision, they got the fastest one. Some other has to be more patient facing this traffic shit things.

Crazy things called traffic is common in Jakarta (and others big city). Once you make your decision, you’ll hardly turn over or even just undo your decision. Facing your own decision is the best policy. Enjoy the decision while you turn your radio on. Sing along, shake your body as the music on..

Such this perfectly imperfect world we live in, sometimes, there’s nothing we can do after all the decision decided. After someword’s been spoken. Nothing but enjoying while we’Re trying and praying.

Whatever and wherever life drags us into, just enjoy every ups and downs. We probably can do nothing to fix other’s heart, we probably can do nothing to fix some mistakes we made, we probably can do nothing to get what we want. But time will answers, warm will heals, and smile will reveals. So just enjoy..

There’s always something sweet in the end, that’s y this fate has written in this hand 🙂

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