just to tell u the untold ones..

Di Delcont

Some times, we’re just have to let some people go.. it doesn’t mean we’re living in a war, but it’s better than hurt each other. #anaffirmation

Overall, it is just a missunderstanding. Just if i had a chance to explain. Just if i had a time remains. Just if i..

But apologize is the onlything. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Still trying to handle this delcont syndrome. It is killing me @_@
Kok karma cepet banget datengnya yaa?? Haiiiissssh

Comments on: "Di Delcont" (4)

  1. explain the unexplained…apologize just humanism manifesto of religious not secularist…how could a bird judge a fish which life in a different world…
    swing a law in to secularist…but there is time that couldn’t be negative, to gain some karma…once it nails…the hole still remains…

  2. Hahha. Remember mb i, some ppl dont understand wht explanation is. Because they dont want to hear :))

    Anyway, Happy Delcont Day

    • Aku uda sending my deep down apologize sih. The rest is ue Serra Serra.. what will be will be.. a.k.a ya sudahlaaaahh đŸ™‚

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