just to tell u the untold ones..

Scattered Notes

I put and gathered all the words in my mind. Im telling you, I messed me self up! I even think, I need a psychiatrist for my self.

It was sunday morning with a cloudy sky. I saw you passing by. Riding an old bycicle and your smile just made me high. Hey, im telling you, I fall for you.
Sunday morning is my favourite time by then.

Keeping my eyes on you. Giving away my little smile for you. Just riding my bycicle after you. Or just enjoying your face from the distance. Silently.

God, I enjoy my time with you.

I felt this butterfly is getting bigger and I can’t take it even more. God, I can’t control my self.
I’m questioning my self, is this love?? It keeps me awake in my every lonely long night. It breaks my heart once I can’t find you around. It makes me feel alone in all kind of crowd.

I really fall for you. Do you know that?  Do you see that?

You know that, don’t you?
You see that, don’t you?
Don’t you?

Im getting crazy over you. More than you ever know. More than you ever realize. More over than more..

Then now im trying to gather my scattered notes. Trying to figure out everything about my self. I’ve never known, love could breaks me this hard. I lost my ground, recently I never see you around..

It was a decade. And im still here. Waiting on you in this lovely corner which I used to enjoy everything about you.

Still trying to gather my scattered notes.

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  1. Sukaa… 😀

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