just to tell u the untold ones..

Ghibah is not a good thing to do and everyone knows it. But they (or we?) like it as well too. Theres always a public enemy. In office, this person usually is… Our own boss! Almost everyone (i said almost ya, not every every banget loh), have a terrible story about their boss. It makes me think. Actually, what we need from a boss sih? Do we need a boss who let us do whatever we do? Do we need a boss who pay all our lunch bills freely? Or do we need a boss who oke oke aja approve everything we propose without any correction? Do we really need ‘this’ kinda boss?
No i think so.. If they really do all the questions above.. We better fired them lah ya. Mubadzir company pays them with a big bunch of money each month kan?
So.. i surrender with my very own opinion. If theyre a boss, so its normal for them to act bossy. Like a manager, its their right to manage us. Trust them.. Or rushed them *teteeep*

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