just to tell u the untold ones..

My Baby Program.. A Note!


Here i just want to write-down as my own reminder.. and to answer some questions of my_some_nice_pal  🙂

It was June 2011 when we went to Spog Bunda International Clinic, Menteng, Jakarta. I got some pills as my treatment, and i used it on the end July 2011. And i was pregnant at the 5th weeks after. But unluckily, i got an abortus imminense then we (me and my husband) have to let it go.. My Spog said, it was a good progress and signed. Some people got it in their 5th – 6th treatments.. Alhamdulillah all the way.  

I got some pills again to use on the middle of October 2011.. But un lucky us, i was in a filed job when i got my fertile time. So i have to let the time goes.. November 2011, i got my pills again and arranged the time to meet my husband. This November program failed.. And it was  13th December 2011 when i had to see my doctor again.. but cause of office duty, i can’t visit my doctor on time. It was the 5th days of my period when i got my pills again. It was late, there was_not_big_enough_eggs_size and we have to let the time goes again..

it is 7 months of program now, and some people r starting to say this and that things bout me.  somepeople pity me or say that i’m sick or something bout that.

Hey, i’m good everyone! i feel nothing hurts but the way u said of me..

Whatever people.. i just know you better now.. and i decided to be happy..! 🙂

Comments on: "My Baby Program.. A Note!" (2)

  1. ssukses ya mbaaaakk..ditunggu kabar bahagianyaa

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