just to tell u the untold ones..

well, we’ll never know.. when will everything turns right n when it will goes wrong.. it’s all ups n downs.. so messed and awfull.. dark n stormy..

just like what i feel bout my current_office’s_circumtances.. blamefull, crankfull and defeat each others. where did “cooperation” goes by??? dunno how to respect them after all what they’ve done.. *sigh.. A for today, B for nextmorning, and A again for the noon.. cmon, tell me, or maybe just, show me.. WHAT DO YOU WANT???

im so flattered with this situation..

sun is just like what i needed the most. warm, then i can see who and how.

im just waiting for the light to shows, what’s the meaning of this.. waiting when will everything’s clear..

im here, with a cup of tea.. no books, no friends, no music.. just me, my tea and the nite..

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