just to tell u the untold ones..

A Termination

Here, we face a termination of our division. Whatta hard days for us, counting down the days where we have to say bye each other..

we love the structure, we love the team, we love the field team, we love the activities, we love to dialing a number just to have the daily production report earlier than the other.., i love to stimulate the wells, working under the sun, sweat but happy.. i love to fracture the formation to make a more condusive path.. i love to hunt sum memories with the tigers, the owls, the snakes etc.. and we have to prepare, to say goodbye to them.

and this is whatta life for.. to face all the ups and downs, then learn learn and learn from all experience we had.

After all, THIS IS THE TRULLY LIFE. it’s not about how many enemies’s been knocked down, but it’s about how many times u’ve been knockeddown, but u still try to stand up and fights again.. again.. again.. againnnnn..!



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