just to tell u the untold ones..

Ive just arrived in Jambi this evening when Fisher, an old friend picked me up in the airport.. After lil bla bla bla bout this and that, we decided to pick Toto Bakar (our old friend too) to have dine with us. The first step to do is go to kenali asam and pick him.

whatta nice memory of kenali asam hit me 😉 .. it was 2004 when i first time visit this peace and warm city.. i was a student of UPN Jogja and have to do my field training in JOB Pearl Oil Jambi. And this nite i visited my old Kenali Asam.. Everything feels the same.. the house where we was living in, the office, the yard, etc.. Makes me miss my greatfriends Sulis mbulcul and Diah Mammy 🙂

There still a house where we was livin in and lucky me, it is right behind Toto’s house.. The big tree is standing still.. How i mis all the time i was shared..

well.. memories will be just memories.. everything is gone.. n now, im standing for my present and my future. And thats why im here.. doing my job 😉

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